Gradle: Part 2, Installing Gradle on Linux System

Gradle: Part 2, Installing Gradle on Linux System

In this part, we will install Gradle on the Linux system. I am having Ubuntu OS and we will use ppa for installation

Installing Gradle on the local Linux machine

This part is a continuation of Part 1, Introduction to Gradle. Have a quick look if you have read it.

Prerequisite: JDK must be installed on your system

I am using Ubuntu OS. We will be using this ppa for installation

Open a new terminal and execute the under commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cwchien/gradle
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt upgrade gradle

and that’s it! To check if the installation is properly done, execute the below-mentioned command on terminal

gradle -version

You will see the following logs on completion.

Gradle 5.4.1
Build time:   2019-04-26 08:14:42 UTC
Revision:     261d171646b36a6a28d5a19a69676cd098a4c19d

So that completes our installation. Don’t worry about particular versions, we will be using gradlew to manage gradle versions which I am covering in next part. So let’s move to next part PART 3: Set up java project using Gradle.

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